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"French Bliss: One of the nicest way to experience the region is in the company of Jean-Pierre and Denise Moullé... We can't think of a more delicious way to spend time in Bordeaux - or better people to do it with. "
- Gourmet Magazine June 2003.

"Those who prefer a broader approach might consider a program that garnishes the wine study with cooking lessons, sightseeing and a trip to the beach. It is the creation of Jean-Pierre Moullé, a member of [one of] Bordeaux's most active wine families."
- Thomas Matthews, The Wine Spectator

"You said that there would be very special people and experiences. You said there would be sacred moments and this was true. You satisfied all our needs and desires - physical and spiritual - really it is so rare and so wonderful."
- Alice Waters

"Jean-Pierre Moullé, who has spent years cooking at Chez Panisse, is an expert fisherman, hunter and regional cook. The couple will guide you through a week of foie gras and duck confit in private homes restaurants, Chateaux great and small, local markets, cultural excursions, wildlife field trips.. and teach you how to cook local foods as well... I can't think of a better opportunity to get inside the food, wine and cultural worlds of Gascony."
- Patricia Unterman, San Francisco Chronicle

"Is it possible to spend an insider's week in Bordeaux, living in a former Chateau, dining in Michelin one-and two-star restaurants, visiting historic sites? Jean-Pierre and Denise Moullé thought so and devised a program including every one of those culinary high points."
- Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

"The Moullés' cooking school offers its students the authenticity and savvy that is the essence of the region's fare..." "More than a cooking class, "Two Bordelais" is a weeklong immersion in the life and culture of Bordeaux from the perspective of one winemaking family with deep roots in the region...." "This is one of the few wine-country cooking classes where the wines are emphasized just as much as the food..." "Since the classes are small, if you sign up with a group of friends they can custom-tailor the week to your level of wine expertise..."
- Wine Spectator

"This is not just another travel tour.... what you get are visits to places and residences which only those in the inner social circle of Bordeaux can offer.... It's all very grand and stylish but in a quiet way."
- The Quarterly Review of Wines

"Pair brings together best of food and wine...."
- Chicago Sun Time

"The couple also offers an extraordinary walking tour of Bordeaux and the Pyrenees...with a climb to meet the shepherds who make sheeps'-milk cheese in their summer grazing pasture, dinner under the stars cooked by Jean-Pierre and accompanied by the shepherd's singing...."
- Los Angeles Times

"During the entire week, guests never have the same wine twice..."
- Food Arts

"Bordeaux... is just not that easy to tackle as a tourist.... What you need is an insider's tour... Jean-Pierre and Denise Moullé knew this when they created their special week in Bordeaux - a well balanced mix of sightseeing, visits to chateaux and local markets, wine tastings, and cooking classes on the local specialties... Just immerse yourself in the style of the Aquitaine. If you do, it will be a memorable week..."
- Private Clubs