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Cooking in Bordeaux: 2013

June 15th to 20th 2014


Cooking with Jean-Pierre in two different kitchens. One is the professional kitchen in the XIII Chateau La Louviere, a jewel of classic architecture. The other one is our private kitchen in our farm house with old stone walls and huge fireplaces.



The cooking will be down to earth at the farm with grilling, spit-roasted poultry and a focus on such Bordeaux specialities as duck, seafood, fresh riverfish and, of course vegetables from the garden. At the chateau, the cooking will have an approach of fancier dinners and parties.

There will be tastings of many different wines to discover the bounty of Bordeaux, and visits to local markets in the fortified villages and to artisans. Cheese tasting with the best "affineur" of Bordeaux in his aging cellar. Visits to a fine chocolate producer, a very elegant "charcuterie", a heirloom vegetable farm, a barrelmaker, an oyster farm...